How you can find peace of mind by letting go

When you have a clear out, if an item of clothing is old, tattered, or of no use to you anymore, you get rid of it — you don’t hold onto it. You let go to make some space for the things that you need. 

This approach should be the same with negative and unproductive thoughts, bad memories, and even with people who discourage you and make you unhappy. Once you let go of the consuming thoughts and unhappy emotions, you make room to accept new things. 

Once you have the capacity to accept the things that benefit you rather than bog you down, you’re less likely to suffer from stress, emotional ties to the past, frustration with others, and falling victim to fear. 

Simply put, when you let go, you find peace of mind. 

Let go of who you think you should be 

It’s okay if you want to strive for more, but don’t let other people determine who you think you should be. Often we can find this difficult because we’re constantly bombarded with ideas that we should be more or less of something and this can interfere with who we want to be. 

Make a conscious effort everyday to pause and think about what you want. Tune into your intuition, live in the moment, and trust who you are and where you’re meant to be. 

Let go of unrealistic expectations

High expectations aren’t necessarily a bad thing, but they can get in the way when your sights are set on things panning out a particular way or achieving a certain outcome, and it doesn’t quite work out the way you planned it to. 

Let go of high expectations so you experience less stress and a more flexible and accepting attitude towards things unfolding exactly as they are. This way, you’ll find peace and begin to enjoy the spontaneity as you learn to go with the flow. 

Let go of limiting beliefs

When you are bound by your limiting beliefs, you’re less likely to step outside your comfort zone because you fear failure. When limiting beliefs like this take over, they halt your progress and block you from becoming your best self. 

To stop this battle with yourself, it’s time to let go of these limitations. Remember, a limiting belief is just a belief. Eliminate these and replace them with beliefs that empower you and make life easier so you’ll be more happy. 

Let go of striving for perfection

Nobody is perfect. We all know that. Yet picture-perfect images of what ‘perfection’ looks like are everywhere. The pressure to strive for, and sustain, such an unreachable level of perfection can creep into so many aspects of life and result in self-defeating thoughts. 

Life becomes a lot calmer when you are able to let go of illusion and work with reality. Go for good enough, accept that we are all human and make mistakes, and focus on being a perfect ‘imperfect’ human being instead. 

Let go of negative self-talk 

We’ve all had that voice telling us that we aren’t good enough or smart enough playing loudly, on repeat. Listening to this critical inner dialogue can decrease motivation and make us feel helpless. By paying attention to these thoughts you can choose whether to listen or change the channel. 

Switching off the self-criticism leaves room for more self-compassion and calm. Treat yourself like you would treat a good friend. What would you change if you reacted to yourself in the same way you do for them when they are struggling?

Let go of comparison

Comparison is the thief of joy and while it can be tricky to resist the urge to compare yourself to those around you, this can make you feel like you’re unsuccessful. Comparing yourself and your life to your perception of someone else’s will leave you feeling dissatisfied and stressed out. 

Letting go of the need to compare yourself to those around you creates the space to consider where you are today, compared to where you were before. Rather than resist or fight where you are, come to peace with it. Taking stock can serve as a reminder to see how far you’ve come. 

Let go of taking on too much

Having too much on your plate will put the kibosh on calm. Often, whether by habit, or obligation, this cripples your ability to create any sense of balance. When you say yes to taking on something more, you’re essentially saying no to you. 

Make your day-to-day life more calm by being selective about what you take on. Everyone has their limits and knowing when you’re approaching yours will help you to avoid feeling the overwhelm that comes with taking on too much responsibility. 

Let go of resentment

While it’s important to process grudge-worthy emotions, holding on to those feelings is typically unhealthy for all involved. There is nothing in the world more detrimental to your inner peace than holding onto anger and resentment.

While you can’t change the past, you can leave it where it belongs. Once you learn how to make peace with what happened you can move on. What you have now is the present moment and this means it’s your choice to make the present moment joyful, happy and full of peace.

Let go of toxic relationships

If a relationship fails to light you up or bring you down⁠ — whether it’s a friend, partner, or colleague, this will only cause you stress and suffering. It can be difficult to let go of those who bring out the worst in you, but negative people can cause your unnecessary stress and suffering. 

Know your worth, that you deserve to be treated well and make a change by freeing yourself from toxic people. Once you let go of these unhealthy relationships, you can put your time, energy and efforts into healthier relationships that benefit you and make you feel a lot calmer and happier. 

Letting go to makes (breathing) space 

When you become mindful of creating more calm in your life, it doesn’t mean you have to add more to your to-do list. Instead, it’s having to do with crossing things off your list by letting go of the stuff that holds no value. Once you do this, you create more space to breathe, feel liberated and find peace of mind

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