51 habits to empower positivity in 2022

New year doesn’t have to mean a new you. But chances are we could all do with bringing a little more positivity into our lives. So with that in mind, here are 51 habits to encourage just that.

  1. Focus on your passion
  2. Work out to FEEL GOOD, not lose weight
  3. Stop gossiping
  4. Give one compliment a day
  5. Read at least one book every month
  6. Do more of what you love
  7. Put the phone away for at least 4 hours a day
  8. Clear out that clutter!
  9. Write down one thing you are grateful for everyday
  10. Talk to yourself like you would a friend
  11. Call instead of text
  12. Don’t buy things you don’t need
  13. Be kind on social media
  14. Take a warm bath at least twice a week
  15. Let go of grudges, life’s too short!
  16. Mind your own business
  17. Buy less plastic
  18. Donate your clothes if you no longer wear them
  19. Stay in touch with people
  20. Write handwritten letters
  21. Stretch your body
  22. Drink water
  23. Listen to music you love
  24. View the world with FRESH EYES
  25. Avoid people who bring you down
  26. Make your bed every morning
  27. Go to bed happy- be grateful you have a bed!
  28. Listen for brilliance- talk less and listen more
  29. Offer to help out a relative or neighbour
  30. Laugh more
  31. Don’t take yourself too seriously
  32. Eat nourishing food
  33. Go for morning walks
  34. If you love someone, TELL them
  35. Visit new places
  36. Move your body- dance, stretch, walk, jog- the choice is yours!
  37. Make sleep a priority
  38. Learn something new
  39. Ask more questions!
  40. Stop multitasking
  41. Celebrate small victories and reward yourself
  42. If you’ve got children, hug them! They’re not little for long
  43. Spend time in nature
  44. Be spontaneous
  45. Express your appreciation
  46. Don’t eat lunch ‘al desko
  47. Admit your mistakes- we all make them!
  48. Don’t be too proud or stubborn to apologise
  49. Appreciate when someone goes out of their way
  50. Be honest with yourself and others
  51. Don’t be hard on yourself- life is already hard enough

Do you have any you’d like to add? A positive attitude is contagious but don’t wait to catch it- be a carrier and comment below!

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