Six spiritualistic things we will miss the most post-lockdown

When asked what we will miss about lockdown, most of us would be forgiven for saying not having to get out of our pjs, binge-watching netflix or taking advantage of takeaways and food deliveries. But what about the other stuff? The stuff we did with our time? The stuff that perhaps we wouldn’t have experienced at all if it wasn’t for lockdown.
So here goes, six of the non materialistic, but rather, spiritualistic things we will miss about lockdown..

Not feeling guilty. We’ve all been there, having to cancel plans because we’ve either got prior arrangements, felt unwell or just couldn’t make it for whatever reason. Cancelling plans can let people down and subsequently we don’t feel good about the decision we’ve made and guilt can start to creep in. Lockdown however took all of that away because we simply had no plans to cancel.

Discovering new talents. Who would’ve thunk it? There’s a baker/gardener/writer/craft enthusiast in us somewhere! All that spare time we’ve had to ourselves throughout lockdown has meant that we’ve discovered new talents and hobbies we probably wouldn’t have done if not for all the extra time to dedicate and focus our attention on.

Going back to basics. Lockdown allowed us to think about the important stuff and concentrate on what really mattered. As the world around us became chaotic and people’s loved ones lost their lives and thousands of others were fighting for theirs, the reality presented us with the opportunity to appreciate the air in our own lungs and be grateful for our friends and family.

Me time. It’s not just the time spent reading a good book curled up on the sofa with a cup of coffee, or an evening bubble bath with a glass of wine, it was about unplugging from the world and reconnecting with ourselves by getting to really know ourselves. Without the distraction of our ‘normal’ day-to-day routine, we could start from scratch, and see what worked and didn’t work for us, we had the chance to establish a new more mindful way of life.

The focus on mental health & wellbeing. The seriousness of our mental health significantly magnified during lockdown and the focus on our emotional wellbeing-as it should always be- became a top priority. People knew that it was important to talk about how we feel and that it was ok to not be ok. Despite a lack in physical connection, emotional connection still remained and people consciously made more effort to check in on loved ones.

Feeling safe. For months, our homes were our own little bubbles, our safe havens from the big wide world, and while I’m sure there were some (if not many) days we spent climbing the walls with cabin fever, there were actually times those four walls brought comfort and safety. Our homes became our safehouses, a sanctuary where there was little chance of contracting or transmitting the virus.

While it’s safe to say we will miss the time lockdown gave us to be able to focus, appreciate and understand all of the above, we do and will still have the opportunity to continue what lockdown started providing we make a conscious effort to do so.

5 responses to “Six spiritualistic things we will miss the most post-lockdown”

  1. So true! Agree with all! A lot of people will also miss family time – especially new parents. 🙂

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    1. Oh for sure! I know I will! 🤍


  2. So true. I’ve spent so much time with my family that now we have a new bonding and that’s all that matters 🙂

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    1. Agree 🙂It’s a type of bond that being in lockdown could bring. And although lockdown was temporary, I’m sure the bonds we made with those close to us will last a lifetime 🤍

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