What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received?

Someone once told me I was elusive. This wasn’t a direct compliment of sorts but rather an observation of my character and it’s really stuck with me. At the time I remember thinking, ‘elusive, I like that.’ 

I’m sure not everyone would have had the same reaction as I did- but it’s true. I am elusive.

For as long as I can remember I’ve never given too much of myself away. I’ve always held back a little bit, watched from the sidelines, quite happy to not be the centre of attention. Sure, once someone gets to know me a bit better then I’d open up more but even then, not 100%. 

I quite like that. Having an air of mystery surrounding me. Tricky to pin down.  Being hard to fathom- it’s fair, I am pretty difficult to understand, boy-believe me when I say I’m only just beginning to understand me.

Since that comment I actually think it made me realise that I was this ‘elusive person’, and that I was okay with that- in fact I actually quite liked that about myself and subsequently it started me on a journey of not just getting to know who I was but flourishing along the way by being-and staying-true to myself. 

Looking back, I can see that being told I was elusive was actually pretty pivotal in my journey of self discovery and I’m grateful to the person who told me that- she’s actually one of my most treasured friends. 

It’s weird isn’t it? When you think of compliments, you think of someone telling someone they’re smart or pretty or funny-you don’t think of the atypical stuff- the words that have the ability to really resonate with us, even if they’re not ‘traditional’ like the ones we’re used to. 

So it got me thinking, what’s the best compliment you’ve ever received and why? 


  1. Good to know someone else found an obsevation complimentary that could have been interpreted as an insult. I was delighted when an astrologer who was reading my birth chart told me I was an odd bird. It was like, “Oh! She can SEE me!”


      1. It really did, considering that from the age of 10 till he was 19, we did not have the best relationship. Now or relationship is wonderful. Keep up the great writing.


  2. Any other compliments are acceptable, except “nice, lovely, great, pretty” since they are so worn down and say nothing really.
    Receiving a special compliment which might not feel even as a compliment to some other person is worth remembering.
    As an artist I receive numerous compliments, but they can frequently be “empty” when the person didn’t actually bother with looking at art.
    It depends. Honest compliment is something we should cherish, the vague ones: who cares.


    1. That’s a great point. I’m not a fan of the word nice and whenever I hear it I always think to myself, why bother saying anything at all? It’s the stand out compliments that mean the most.


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