The Silver Platter

I’m frustrated. I’m frustrated by the people who get it all handed to them. Handed to them on a shiny silver platter,. No hard work. No blood, no sweat, no tears. Like it’s their divine right. 

Half of me envies these people because I’ll be honest, who wouldn’t want life to be that easy? And the other half, pities these people because what can you learn from having things handed to you? How can you grow? 

Is it fair that some people are handed these things whilst others who work through their own blood sweat and tears and are still struggling? My immediate response would be that it’s not fair that some of us have to persevere through hell and high water to get the things others are simply handed.

But then my gut tells me to look a little closer. 

Being handed shit, isn’t something to envy because what is better than reaping the rewards that you have earned? Ok, so you could be gifted the latest console, trainers or car but how much sweeter would they be if you had earned them as a result of your own hard work? Because hard work means so much. It involves determination, focus and independence which not only pay off in the literal sense but an emotional one too.

 It’s not just about the material rewards, it’s what goes on upstairs. It’s the adrenaline running through your veins, independence personified, proud-as- punch feeling. It’s appreciating and valuing what you have worked for. 

Simply put, this is not something a person who is handed something will ever experience. There’s no satisfaction in being handed something.

So why would I envy that? Those people aren’t lucky. Those people are the ones who lost out. 


  1. I feel you, when life gets hard… it’s natural to envy others. But what we know about another person is often just a fraction of who they really are. Perhaps, if like you mention, we look closer we would be able to understand that even though life isn’t always fair, there’s still often a subtle balance. They might indeed just be pitiful instead. Take care 💜

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    1. Thank you for your take on this. There is often so much more than meets the eye. As you say, life isn’t always fair and sometimes it’s your season to shine and sometimes it’s someone else’s. I guess what I’m trying to say is that we all have sunny days and we all have rainy ones, just not at the same time or during the same things.

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  2. And then maybe it is not what it looks like often . I have explored this topic over the years and have written an article named “Envy and Inspiration” that describes how I processed my understanding regarding this.

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    1. Thanks for pointing me in the direction of your article. Your process in understanding this is a really inspirational one and especially significant for personal growth. When you say how the green of envy can be turned into the red hot of desire – incredibly powerful! Being handed things does not equal happiness and nor should it be envied simply because we cannot judge a book by its cover. For me it’s about the two C’s- confidence and contentment. Chances are if a person is confident and content with who they are, then there is very little room to host the ugly sisters, otherwise known as envy and jealousy!

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  3. Yes, I agree with this. I know people who have had many things handed to them. And despite their parents, or their in-laws helping them out with things, like finances, and other things like that. These people that have things handed to them, still don’t have their lives or the finances handled. And despite that so many people help them throughout their days, and finances still complain about being tired and not having enough money. It is kind of annoying after hearing it often enough.

    I used to envy those people a few years ago, but it becomes no longer flattering when your parents are still supporting when you are in your 30’s and you’re going into 40’s. They are also missing out on the satisfaction of paying off their debt, buying a house, and other things that their family has provided for them.

    This is a good post. 🙂

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    1. Thank you 🙂 I hear everything you’re saying! What will happen once the lending runs out or worst- get in financial difficulty? What happens to these people then? They’ve got to grow up! And I’m sure that’s harder to do the further along you are in life.

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