What are you thankful for? For me, I’d have to say it’s resourcefulness. The ability to find a way to adapt and overcome (or at least attempt to) difficulties. This is something that covid has wrestled out of me. I’ve had to deal with what I’ve had to deal with, with what I’ve got- that is to say, I’ve had to be resourceful.

After all, that’s when resourcefulness really comes into play isn’t? When our backs are against the wall? When there’s no other exit beyond the beast standing in front of us? Because when we are down on our knees, the only way is up, right?

Sure, I’ve been there and yes I have wanted the ground to swallow me up- but then my sink or swim kicks in. I refuse to be swallowed by the black abyss. I’m worth more. That isn’t how my story ends- It isn’t how your story ends either.

Bad days are just that- days– not forever-not an eternity. Just moments in our lives designed to test us. Practice makes progress doesn’t it? These moments we endure ultimately build our strength and encourage us to be resourceful.

Resourcefulness is quite possibly one of the most important attributes a person can possess and yet it is so often overlooked. Life won’t ever be plain sailing, it will throw you a curveball and when it does we can’t expect to wait for the sun to shine on us.

Rather, we’ve got to go outside, mow the lawn and pull a few weeds and then we’ll see the sun start to rise, little by little, day-by day until we’re basking in the warmth of our own sun. In other words, we can’t wait around, we must adapt, we must work with what we’ve already got and then possibly-quite possibly- we end up with what we first hoped for.

It’s a mindset that is particularly attractive to impatient people like myself- being resourceful doesn’t allow for waiting around, it’s about working with what you’ve got, figuring out a way right here and now with what you’ve got at that very moment.

The beauty of this is that it’s only you who can control how it works out because you’re not relying on any external factors. You set your own goals and decide upon your own actions. You produce, you create, you execute. The ball is in your court!

Resourcefulness is a skill, a skill that can be learnt and honed- a skill that, once acquired, has the ability to seriously enhance your mindset and subsequently how you live your life. Being resourceful is intently motivating a positive mindset by adopting a can do attitude that results in personal growth.

So how can we become resourceful? If you ask me, I’d say it’s about being creative, thinking-outside-the-box, using initiative, tapping into intuition, focusing on the end goal, being well read, open about your weaknesses, being realistic, embracing your strengths and remembering that you, the vessel in which you reside- are enough.

I started this post by saying I was thankful for resourcefulness. By being thankful, by being truly grateful and appreciative of our lot, is within itself, central to being perpetually resourceful.


    1. This is a great post and really resonated with me. I am exactly like this, my hubby always say I’m lucky but really I try to see what I can salvage from a situation by being resourceful

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      1. Thanks Alison. Good for you on being resourceful, not everyone can be and I think it’s so easy to take for granted. Being resourceful is something I take both pleasure and pride in and you should too!


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