The C word


AJ Milne once said, “A little consideration, a little thought for others, makes all the difference.”

So what is Consideration? Consideration is undervalued. It’s being emotionally intelligent and acting on intuition when it comes to other people’s needs. I’ve always been one to be very considerate of others peoples feelings, and this has been something I regard as an invaluable trait. Being considerate is at the very core of good manners -it’s about being respectful, polite and thoughtful of those around us. 

All of the above are not things anyone has to go to great lengths to achieve.

So when people are not considerate, when people are not empathetic and show a lack of thoughtfulness, it’s a really ugly way to behave. It’s disregarding someone’s feelings, highlighting a lack of respect towards others as well as showing little regard for society. 

Growing up, we were always told that we should treat others how we would want to be treated. Now, this, I believe, is synonymous with being considerate and also why I find it so hard that some people can be insensitive to others. Surely they wouldn’t want to be treated with such inconsideration themselves? 

It is not about going to the ends of the earth. These really are the minute details that we should make more of a conscious effort to achieve. It’s the small stuff, like holding a door open for the next person. It’s these basic good manners which reflect a person’s consideration for society by being mindful of others. 

Henry Charles Link summed it up when he said, “ If we were to make the conscious and frequent effort of treating others with consideration, the effect on us and on society as a whole would be amazing.” 

-It really would. 


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