I hate when people ask me questions. Not because I don’t think they should but because I am so bad at answering them. If someone comes straight out and asks, “ What did you do?” or “how did it go?” I instinctively clam up, muddle my words, and basically sound like I’ve no idea what I’m talking about.

It’s not an everyday thing, in fact I have some days when my introverted self magically disappears and I’m a natural communicator with zero problems when it comes to questions.

But when it does happen I’m definitely not articulate. Afterwards not only do I fixate on the horror of what just happened, I also get serious anxiety over when (not if) it will happen again. The more it happens the worse my anxiety and self-doubt gets.

This isn’t specific to particular types of questions and I don’t think it has anything to do with the answers either. At first I thought it could be, I thought that I had problems with answering questions because I didn’t like the answers I was giving. But it’s not, I’m fine with the answers, I’m just not ok articulating them. 

 Surely it’s a social anxiety issue? It’s the spontaneity that throws me off. I’m sure this has to do with me being a bit of a control freak too. I’m not really good with the unexpected and that would explain why I’m particularly thrown off when a question comes out of nowhere.

It’s also because I overthink, I’m sure of it. I overthink what I need to say and then it all comes out the wrong way. It’s like a fog that gathers in my brain. Rather than just not think about what I have to say and just say it. It’s like I’m dancing (in the fog) around my words, so I trip and fall flat on my face.


  1. I have this problem too… one of the many reasons I like online communication… it’s a lot easier for me. Maybe it’s because I have more time to think about how to say something.


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