The Silver Lining

I’ve not written in a LONG time. A REALLY LONG time. And I have no excuses, no reasons or explanations as to why, it simply boils down to the fact that I haven’t practised what I preached.

Write, right?

We’re living in an entirely different world now to back then- back when I unknowingly took so many things for granted as I’m sure we all did. An uncontrollable event took place and for someone like me, a self-confessed control freak, losing some of that control and independence really knocked me for six.

As someone who also thrives on routine, finding the new norm was something that I had to adapt to quicker than I’d normally like. What helped was those around me, listening to their worries and fears and knowing that they too were fumbling their own way in the new world.

That’s when I realised it’s more than just writing, it’s talking and it’s listening too.

The importance of talking about everything and anything during this time has been both crucial and beneficial to my wellbeing. I’m surprised to say that talking about how I am feeling has at times, been just as cathartic as writing was before.

The same goes for listening, because when we listen we learn not just about others but about ourselves. I’ve learnt that I am absolutely not on my own in thinking what I once thought to be as silly inconsequential worries and anxieties are in actual fact the same fears and concerns of others too! Knowing that you’re not alone makes all the difference.

This new world has closed so many doors and yet it’s bittersweet because it’s opened up new ones- doors that can take us on our own personal journeys to connect deeper with one another, learn more about ourselves and to realise what really matters to us.

I guess even a situation as difficult and sad as this one, still holds the possibility of something beautiful and wholesome.

As the old saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining.

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