Love to list

I have always been a list person. I like to write everything down in one big (or small) list. I’ve even been known to write a list about lists. The main reason I write lists is for the organisation. I’m big on that too. Writing a list makes everything seem much more manageable and memorable. It’s a simple, yet effective way of giving my day structure and can be proof of what I have achieved that day. 

Writing lists has allowed me to stay mindful. It relieves me of stress when life gets a bit wild because I’ve got a written record of what I need to do . When we are stressed our minds are thinking about all sorts which make it harder to focus and more difficult to maintain a mindful attitude. Having a list means I don’t have to deal with lots of thoughts in my head because I’ve got them out on paper- waiting for me to deal with them in my own good time. 

Lists are not there to control or pressurise me, I don’t allow them to be demanding because then they would not be a mindful tool. I use lists to as a way of organising to help me work in a mindful way so I can plan and remember what I want to do so I can focus on the task at hand. When I’m writing my to do list, I can mindfully concentrate on the list instead of worrying about how everything will get done because it’s now on my list. 

And as Margaret Thatcher said, “Plan your work, work the plan.”

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