Dear Mama

First and foremost you must look after you. Yes you are a parent but no, you don’t have to sacrifice everything to be one- and that includes taking care of yourself. Yes wake up in the morning and think about what the children need but before the day is over do something for you.

When you have a newborn baby, it is very easy to forget how to look after yourself because your entire world revolves around them. It’s important not to get stuck down that path because before you know it, years would have gone by until you even realise you’ve forgotten how to take care of yourself. 

As a mother, it’s really important to keep that balance otherwise things will start to wobble. Taking care of yourself is not a problem, in fact it’s a responsibility to take care of yourself in order to have the alignment to take care of others at the capacity that we do.

If we don’t, then our loved ones will suffer and we will be relying on them for our happiness and that’s not right. It’s easy as mothers to lose our way on how to make ourselves happy but the very thing that you thought might make your children unhappy is actually fulfilling for them too. It really is a simple as the happier you are, the happier they will be too. 

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