Fight for your children

I won’t ever stop fighting for my children. I will do the best I can do to protect my children. My children are my responsibility and I owe it to them as their mother to be their protector. My children are so vulnerable to the world they live in, to the norms and expectations society has created.

I won’t teach my children to be sheep, I will teach them to be shepherds. I will tell them they need much more than a standard education to go far in life. I want them to learn the importance of self-education and understanding and hope they see this is what real life requires. Growth won’t come with a standard education but with self development and self awareness.

I will tell my children not to settle for average, I want my children to have a mind of their own, I want them to see things their way. I will teach them to better themselves, not for other people but for themselves. I want them to work hard- for nobody but themselves.

Everyone is built different, I want my boys to embrace that they are different and that being different is their superpower.

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