Powerful strangers

Words really can mean the world. What’s more, the power of a strangers kind words are extraordinary. A stranger is someone whose words are sincere, there is no agenda like perhaps those from friends or family. After all, strangers don’t have to say something nice unless they really mean it. It’s the unexpectedness of a compliment from a stranger that exemplifies its joy too. 

Words have the energy to help, heal and uplift, and even come at just the right time for some people. A kind word can encourage someone to think differently and even give them the courage they may have needed. The impact of words should never be underestimated, a kind word goes further than the present moment- it can stay with a person for life.

I know because I received one once. It was from a woman in her late twenties, her hair was long and blonde and she had the most bluest eyes I’d ever noticed. We were on a bus and she came and sat next to me, we gave one another a polite smile and didn’t speak for the thirty minute journey. It wasn’t until she got up for her stop that she rested her hand on my knee and said three words- you’ll be alright.

As she left the bus I questioned whether that had just happened, not because of how random it was but because of what she said, you’ll be alright. To her I may have just looked a bit down or preoccupied and somehow those words would fit most circumstances as to why I may be that way. What that woman didn’t know was that I had just found out I was unexpectedly expecting my first baby and I was experiencing a tsunami of emotions.

Those three words from her gave me the hope and courage I needed in moving forward and their timing could not have been any better. So if by pure chance you’re that lady or have been that lady to someone- thank you. Your words have stuck with me for eight years and continue to do so. 

We should all be that lady. 

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