Tell yourself to shut up

Why do we overthink? Then overthink about overthinking? Worry, worrying about worrying? Stress? Stressed at being stressed? It’s a never-ending cycle. It’s like being caught in a vicious tornado, one that whips you up and thrashes you about as you go round and round and round in circles until you’re so dizzy that you just collapse, exhausted. 

SSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHH. My brain can be so loud at times that I just have to tell it to shush. I don’t want an answer, I don’t want a question, I don’t want anything other than silence and the only way I can at least try to get some quiet inside my head is to quite literally tell myself to shut up. 

I used to find it hard telling myself to shush- well that was the easier bit. The really hard part was actually not thinking and so I began to slowly but surely teach my thoughts to turn off. I’d sit with my eyes closed and I’d breathe my thoughts out of my head. As I did that my mind would get quieter and quieter and I’d feel much more relaxed. 

These days it’s easier for me to control my negative thinking but there are days when it’s as though a giant cloud is above my head and I can’t do anything to shake it away. On those days, I remind myself that those thoughts are there to pass, not stay-just like the weather.

Today it may be raining and tomorrow it may be sunny, so let’s get today over with and hope for a sunnier tomorrow and if tomorrow is just as rainy or whatever then we keep on hoping. Some days we can deal with the rain, some days we can’t and that is okay. Once again I remind myself that these thoughts are just passing through. 

There’s an old saying and it’s something like we have bad days so we know the good, we have to experience sadness to know happiness. I’m okay with telling myself to shut up because it’s much better than shutting down.

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