Don’t ever stop picking your children up

My son is seven years old, he’s always been quite petite for his age and was so small when he was born I remember commenting that his nostrils looked like tiny pin pricks. Even as he grew bigger it was so effortless picking him up and putting him on my hip, he fit so snug like he was a missing puzzle piece I never knew existed. We would often walk a lot when he was small and although his little legs did him proud he would eventually tire and I’d instinctively scoop him up and carry him the rest of the way. 

When he had pneumonia I picked him up, his frail body wrapped around mine as I took him to the toilet. At the hospital when we found out he had a collapsed lung, his Daddy picked him up and carried him all the way from one end of the hospital to the other because he didn’t want to sit in a wheelchair. After his surgery, his Daddy picked him up and took him to the window to see the lights because he hadn’t been outside for weeks. 

If he fell, I’d pick him up. If he was tired, I’d pick him up. If he wanted a hug, I’d pick him up. If he had a bad day at school, I’d pick him up. If he wanted to see what I could see, I’d pick him up and show him. 

The other day he was tired and wanted me to carry him upstairs to bed and I couldn’t pick him up so I said, ‘ you’re too big for me to pick you up now’, he looked so disheartened. I told him that it’s great that he’s growing up and becoming taller and one day he will be as big as Daddy! He seemed happy with the idea of being a big grown man and asked if he’d have to have a beard like Daddy too, I took him by the hand and answered his question as we climbed the stairs together. 

Picking up my son has always been my instinctive reaction when he is upset, hurt or just a bit down and this is something that I’ve done since he was born. It was also my sons reaction when he wanted some comfort and security from his parents. He also loved going on his Daddy’s shoulders when we’d walk along the coastal path or through the town. Not just because he didn’t have to walk but because he could see what his Daddy could see. 

Picking up your child is more than the action, it is a spiritual connection and represents love, strength, guidance and security. Your child is emotionally picked up- their spirits are lifted and they see the world from a different perspective. Just because my son is too big for me to psychically pick him up, it will not stop me from emotionally picking him up the older and bigger he gets. 

No matter the reason, he is my son, I am his Mum and I won’t ever stop picking him up. 

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