Be your own therapist

Whether it’s a general musing of your day, an expletive paragraph about why you’re pissed off or something you really need to get off your chest, my advice to you is to write.

Sometimes, we don’t want to say the words out loud or we may not want to talk to another person and that’s okay but don’t keep it in. If I don’t write then all my thoughts become like tangled webs inside my head and the longer they stay there then the harder it is to make sense of how I’m feeling and why. It’s really bloody cathartic to write or be your ‘own therapist’ as I like to put it.

If I have a bit of rubbish day or have something on my mind then that’s when I really benefit from writing. To see my thoughts written down in front of me is cleansing and satisfying. Sometimes I don’t agree with what I’ve written, it’s as though on their journey from inside my head to being typed out in front of me, I’ve had a realisation that perhaps I was too quick to react to a situation. There are times when seeing the thoughts inside my head in black and white, bring clarity and conviction and with that are the reasons as to why I thought those things in the first place. I’m a logical person and writing for me just makes sense, even when what I write doesn’t. 

So write! Don’t even think about it, just write and see what happens…

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